How to redesign your hallway for my lack of posts recently but I’ve been busy in my own home remodelling the hallway. I will share photos of my finished project soon but first here are my tips for redesigning your hall.
1) Storage. You need to ensure you design in areas to hang your coats, bags and shoes. We’ve used the area under our stairs to create pull out drawers for storing shoes. Obviously this isn’t finished yet but in a few weeks I’ll be able to show you the finished result.
2) Flooring. It’s personal preference but in a high traffic area such as the hall you need a hard wearing floor. Tiles are a good choice as they are easy to keep clean. We’ve gone for wooden flooring that will run through into our kitchen.
3) Lighting. This makes all the difference in a space and using a combination of ceiling lights with lamps is always a safe bet and can make your home feel cosy.
Our hall was quite dark. We had one pendant upstairs and one downstairs. We decided to change the downstairs to spotlights but kept the pendant upstairs and added a statement light at the top of the stairs as a focal point and feature.
4) Stair spindles. Changing the spindles in your stair case can change the look of your room from traditional to modern or vice versa. This is relatively inexpensive and can transform the look. We had ours changed to more modern straight spindles.
5) Doors. You will have many doors coming off your hall way and painting them all can make decorating your hall and long and tiring job. We have changed ours to oak veneer doors. When they are done I’ll upload photos so you can see the finished result!
6) Door mat. This sounds strange but I have a bit of a thing about door mats! Coir mats are in my opinion the best type as they are very hard wearing. My top tip is to leave a recess when you are fitting your floor so that your mat sits flush with the floor and won’t slip about.
I’ll upload photos when we’re finished. Happy decorating!

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