Create Your Bedroom in Swedish Decor

In case you are thinking about creating a Swedish décor in your bedroom, then you should know that such a style involves an airy as well as light feel. Actually, the Swedes add a lot of cream as well as white in their color palette in order to achieve an ethereal tone. In fact, they prefer to use furniture that is available in a natural blond wood color or it should be painted white. Still it is possible to use other colors but they depend on accessories as well as fabrics used in the room.
The first thing that you have to do is to neutralize colors of walls. It is advised to make use of clean white color for the walls. You can also paint moldings of the same color. Another option is to go for cream color in case you want to stand them out if they serve as architectural details. When it comes to the floor, it is better to choose a neutral as well as light wood tone. In case of dark floors, you can try to refinish it in a light birch tone in order it could go well with the overall décor.
As for the bed, it is better to choose the one available in light wood. Another option is to paint your bed with the help of a pale color, such as pale blue or light green. Actually, such colors go well with the nature theme that is adored in Swedish design. Moreover, they are considered to be restful as well as soothing colors that are suitable for any bedroom. As a matter of fact, the Swedes prefer canopy beds, so if you are a crafty person, you can try to create it by yourself.
It is advised to make use of straight lines, when it comes to availing furniture for your bedroom. It is explained by the fact that Swedish design involves simple outlines. Actually, such a type of furniture can be found at IKEA. The furniture should include functional pieces that are not fussy.
If you want to add a romantic touch to you bedroom, then you can take advantage a chandelier that will serve as a central light fixture. In fact, it is considered to be a perfect accessory. It is also necessary to include bedside lamps, but it is better to find a pair that will match the muted tones of the room. As for the base or shade, they can be available in a color that compliments the furniture of the room. For example, if you take advantage of ice blue for the bed frame, one can use soft gray lamp base that come in a patterned shade.

In fact, the bed linen is considered to be another place that is able to involve another layer of color as well as texture. You can try to mix different patterns. You are able to blend stripes and floral as it provides a beautiful balance between seriousness as well as whimsy. One can also think about throw pillows in order to add a different material to the room.

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